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Rapidfacture supports businesses in digitizing their processes by creating software tailored to our client's specific case. It excels where standard software meets its limits.

Our team boasts expertise and experience in mechanical engineering, automation, mechatronics and software development - and we love solving complex, challenging tasks! We speak the language of the industry and are able to efficiently channel user know-how into IT products.

We collaborate closely with our clients and prioritize a well-structured approach, software quality and sustained client support, beginning with the very first few steps in creating the core concept. Our workflow across project management, programming and testing follows the principles of agile software development.

We offer an individualized software product that is optimally adapted to our clients' business operation model and provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The software can be expanded and customized according to requirements and supports all common mobile devices to maximize user convenience and comfort.

Our client receives a matching software solution, including interface programming and configuration.

Core competencies

  • Web configuration
  • Calculation
  • Website and shop systems
  • Industry 4.0 and interfaces


Have a look at our software in action:

SRS-Stahl GmbH: Online configurator with processing

Services :

  • Conceptual design and full-stack development of a webshop, including product configurator
  • User management and admin area
  • Order management system
  • ERP interface integration

"SRS-Stahl is revolutionizing the way steel trade works. You can now order online and have access to all industry features and finishing options. A project of this dimension requires the right technology partner, and we've found ours: Rapidfacture! We are working with someone who speaks our language and is capable of digitizing the entire process chain, from front-end to the outgoing shipment.

Here's the bottom line: our customers are thrilled - and so are we. "

Richard Stoll, Executive Director, SRS-Stahl GmbH

Richard Stoll

Rapid-RF AG: Online CAD

Services :

  • Intuitive online CAD with 2D Sketcher
  • Dimensions and conditions
  • Price calculation, shopping cart and shop
  • Account area with overview
  • ERP system connection

Thermocycling GmbH: Thermorouter

Services :

  • Application for plumbing and heating
  • 50% faster than with paper
  • Intuitive documentation of existing systems on site with a tablet
  • Design of the circuit, dimensioning of the pump and heating
  • CAD export interface
  • Electron desktop app and server application

"We wanted to pour the standard manual for heating construction that we developed into software suitable for construction sites. Many software companies limit themselves to pure programming - without knowledge of the application. We received a complete package from Rapidfacture: software development combined with engineering services. Little need for communication and explanation; the respective software versions worked.

Surprisingly, I had to take little care of the project - a sure-fire success. "

Mario Rauter, Ing. of Energy and Control Engineering, Thermocycling GmbH


Services :

  • Conceptual design and full-stack development of an online CAD, including product configurator and live price calculator
  • Tailored ERP and order management system


We are full-stack developers (frontend and backend) with know-how in the relevant programming languages ​​and frameworks.
We rely on sustainable and future-proof technologies

Through continuous testing and code analysis, we create high-quality software code that is extensible in the long term and gives our customers investment security

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