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Rapidfacture is always looking for new manufacturing partners.

All turned and milled parts are manufactured exclusively in German companies. Quality Made in Germany is very important to us - that's why we work with companies that are as local as possible.
A personal approach and a good relationship with our manufacturing partners are particularly important to us.

Your advantages as a production partner of Rapidfacture

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    Production-ready orders instead of just offers

    You receive orders that fit your service portfolio. You decide whether or not to accept them and whether or not you can meet the delivery date.

    We take care of the entire offer process and make sure you receive all information required for manufacturing and shipping of parts. This way, you can skip the hassle of negotiating with clients completely.

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    No additional costs

    The order subscription service is free for our manufacturing partners - there are no membership fees or other charges. A little time for a personal introduction and a test run is all that you'll need to invest.

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    Make full use of your production capacity

    You get more orders and waste less time on offer negotiation with us at your side. Your personnel and machinery management efficiency is improved, your production capacity is better utilized and your set-up times are reduced.

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    Reduced effort and secure payments

    We provide you with a service that ranges from sales to client billing. You receive all information required for manufacturing - we take care of the rest. This way, you can drastically reduce internal management costs and avoid trouble with clients.

    After shipping an order, you simply bill us and we settle within 30 days. Payment is thus secured by Rapidfacture.

We are going new ways in manufacuring and do not compromise quality. Would you like to become a part of it?


  • Your production location is in Germany?
  • You offer one or more of the services listed?
  • Open communication is important to you?


  • CNC Production

    CNC turning, CNC milling, eroding
  • Further processing

    Heat treatment, grinding, hoisting/lapping, coating
  • Sheet metal working

    Laser cutting, 3D printing


  • Contacting Rapidfacture
  • Test order in your company
  • Testing of the parts by Rapidfacture
  • Become a manufacturing partner

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