The App

Calculation made easy. Get exact prices with the Rapidfacture Calc App.

You quickly need prices for a customer?
Then this app is for you. Get exact prices through intuitive calulation of processing steps .

Calculate prices in machining industry or craft, for any kind of processed part or new product.

Add cost centers for materials, work or machining effort to your calculation.

Get scale prices with total price and price per piece, depending on quantity.

You get the exact price, calculated from the defined cost centers, piece numbers and work rates.

You can also use predefined settings or centers to save time.

Available options:

  • Specify prices per kg, per piece, per m² etc.
  • Set scale prices for articles and materials
  • For machines, you can set up 3 options: setup time, time per piece and individual hourly rates
  • Fixed costs like shipping rates or tooling costs can be specified

Video tutorials

Creating a materials cost center

Define a material costcentre that contains for example rod products in different materials. Assign appropriate scale prices in the associated price unit (for example, € / kg).

Creating a tool cost center

A costcentre for fixed surcharges or purchases can be used to deposit shipping costs, special tools or surcharges. Set the price unit to '€ total'.

Editing a milling cost center

Existing costcentres are edited by holding down the icon in the main view. Here a costcentre for working time is edited. The 'min' and 'max' values represent the limits of the slider in the calculation view and we can set fixed and variable time.

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