Bernhard Römer and Felix Furtmayr got to know each other during their mechanical engineering Bachelor at the TH Ingolstadt. During their final thesis, they discovered that precision parts are often difficult to obtain for students and private customers. Because contract payers are reluctant to deal with little lucrative and elaborate individual pieces or with incomplecte drawings. The idea was to discribe CNC-manufactured parts on the internet, to facilitate access and to optimize the overall process. The two founders decided to do the project independently.

Gradually, a network of contacts was further investigated and the idea was concretized. With the support of the TH Nuremberg and the FAU Erlangen , both founders devoted their master theses to the further elaboration of the project. In October 2014, the team was expanded by three programmers. An EXIST-founding scholarhip ensured the initial financing of the project. Meanwhile the team has grown, has built up a lot of know-how and its own production and the software components are functional.

The aim is to build a highly automated manufacturing chain in the metal processing, that meets the highest standards of flexibility and quality. In the long term, the platform will be extended to other processes with RAPIDFACTURE as a system provider for various manufacturing processes.