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While traditional machining processes lack flexibility , we are working on the automated production of single pieces to allow for cost-effective custom production.

In the RAPIDFACTURE Online CAD Turned Parts can be specified quickly, intuitively and without additional software. The CAD/CAM chain developed specifically with this goal in mind avoids the all too usual interface problems. In contrast to well-known CAD formats our file format contains all production parameters (tolerances, surface quality, machining features).

The live calculation gives customers an immediate idea of the price tendency. In future direct orders and waiting time for quotes completely avoided. Rough price estimates, as usual in the industry, are replaced by a detailed background calculation, that puts the numbers on a common basis. Made possible by a fully automatic CAM prozessor time in work preparation is reduced and potential for errors reduced.

The range of functions of our software widens constantly. The year 2016 started with our own manufacturing. Additionally, a network of versatile manufacturing partners leaves nothing to be desired. Try out our Online CAD or start a custom inquiry.

Customers about us

If it should go quickly and must fit at the first attempt we always order at Rapidfacture ... means almost every time! The possibility to know the price immediately is extremely important to us. This way we can quickly and precisely create offers for our customers.

Martin Klimach
Carbon Drive, CFK-Higspeed-Motorspindeln
By the way, compliment to your Online-Offer-System! The system is very good to handle and easy to understand. I've searched for such a service without success until now, only by chance I found your site. And the fast and friendly contact could after all convince me, too.
Thanks alot for your service and advice that exeeded all expectations!!!
Nice that it worked that fast. Top service and a great concept with this CAD.

German Aerospace Center